10 Years. 150 Weddings. 1st Blog Post.


I don’t know much about blogging, but weddings on the other hand, I know a lot about.  After a decade of planning weddings in Nova Scotia, I realised I have some stories to tell!  A lot has changed since I first started doing weddings.  Smart phones didn’t exist, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Skype. No iPods or iPads.  I could always spot my brides when I would meet them for the first time in a local coffee shop.  They always had a binder with pages ripped out of bridal magazines, or a wedding planner they had purchased.  Some still do, but now I get clients bringing me their iPads and showing me their Pinterest boards, which is great! I’m a big fan of sharing information and technology has made it so much easier!

Speaking of which, if you have looked around my site you will see that I am on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so if you’d like to follow me on there, I will do my best to keep the stuff I post interesting and current.

I have worked with many suppliers over the years and many I still work with today and consider them friends (you know who you are).  Having great relationships with suppliers is essential when working on a wedding together.  I strive to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected of them so we work together as a team.  After all, there are no “do-overs” for your wedding day.  You get one crack at it, so I like to make sure I’m working with people who get that.  And thankfully, most wedding vendors around here get it.

I am also really grateful to live in such a beautiful province that people want to come back to for their weddings.  We really do have something special here in Nova Scotia.  Maybe it’s our well-known Maritime hospitality, maybe it’s our stunning natural beauty, maybe it’s our affordability compared to some other places.  Whatever it is, I’m glad to be a part of it and I hope to be for another 10 years!

So check back regularly as I do my best to share funny stories of past weddings, impart some wisdom, and show you why I love doing what I do.



P.S. Just a note about the photo in the header above.  It’s from my very first wedding in October of 2002, before I even dreamed of doing this as a business.  Note the grainy image?  That’s because back then, photographers worked mainly with film.  Digital photography was relatively new, so when I wanted photos for my site, photographers had to scan the negatives and email them to me. My how far we have come!  

A big thank you to Sandra and Anthony (pictured above).  Without your faith in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Photo credit: Emma Rose Photography

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