Claudia Habib started Simply Weddings in February 2003. With over 180 weddings under her belt since that time, she must love what she does. When asked why she enjoys planning weddings Claudia says, “The nice thing about helping people plan their weddings is that every single one is different, because every couple is different. I enjoy seeing how it all comes together on that day. It makes me feel good to know I’ve helped make their wedding day be the best it could be.”

Her attention to detail has helped pożyczki online na dowód make every event she plans – from weddings, to parties, to corporate events – a special and memorable occasion. She has done weddings all over Nova Scotia and even one in Newfoundland!

The past eight+ years doing corporate events full time have broadened her skills, experience and given her a more extensive supplier base on which to draw from. Her corporate clients have allowed her to work with top Canadian entertainers and speakers, and enabled her to plan events in every province from Ontario east.

The smallest wedding she worked on was six people including herself and the minister, and the largest wedding was 440 people. No matter the size of the wedding venta cialis generico or how big the budget, Claudia aims to please. And it shows. Her weddings have appeared in the Real Weddings section of Weddingbells Magazine and she has appeared on Breakfast Television and in Duly Noted Wedding Guide.

She lives in Halifax with her daughter Gabrielle.